Rookie "Hold On Tight"

Rookie has released a second single and the opening track, "Hold on Tight", from their forthcoming self-titled debut album. The album is set to be released on March 13th via Bloodshot Records.

ROOKIE is Joe Bordenaro, Kevin Decker, Christopher Devlin, Max Loebman, Dimitri Panoutsos, and Justin Bell.

You can catch Rookie on March 13th at Empty Bottle with Girl K and Tobacco City.


Rookie "Sunglasses"

Rookie has announced that they have signed with the local label Bloodshot Records and will be releasing their self-titled debut album on March 13th.

The band also released visuals for the album's lead single "Sunglasses".

You can help Rookie celebrate the release on March 13th at Empty Bottle with Girl K and Tobacco City.


Rookie “I Can’t Have You But I Want You”

Rookie has released a new single called “I Can’t Have You But I Want You”. This is the band’s third single of 2018, a year which saw them them burst onto the scene with the classic look and sound.


Rookie "Let's Get It Right"

Rookie released their second single, “Let’s Get It Right”, yesterday, and continue to build upon their vintage sound. What drives this sound is the blend of harmonies with roaring guitar solos.

You can catch Rookie at Subterranean on August 28th with wavy id, Bloom, and Kachi. They will also be at Empty Bottle on Sept. 19th with Town Criers and The Nude Party.


Rookie "One Way Ticket"

Rookie released their debut single, “One Way Ticket”, last week. This is a a throwback to ’70’s rock in the purest way, and is a refreshing straightforward approach. Several local musicians are looking to ’70’s for inspiration right now, but Rookie seems to be taking it to a whole new level.

You can catch Rookie at Demma's Bar & Girl in Oak Lawn with Bad Bad Meow, Family of Geniuses, and Safespace on May 5th. They will be also be performing at Schubas on June 23rd with The Slaps and Jude Shuma.