The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

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RXM Reality "Grip of Evil"

RXM Reality has released the first single, "Grip of Evil", from his forthcoming album, Advent, which is due to be released on June 25th via Orange Milk.

This is the experimental electronic sounds of Mike Meegan, and this album will mark his debut on this label.


Dramatic Shapes "Underwater Sound"

Dream Pop duo Dramatic Shapes have released a single a month over the last six months, and their most recent is Synth-filled tunes called "Underwater Sounds".

This is the work of brothers Theodore and Ronnie Appert, who both clearly have a deep appreciation and understanding of the deeper corners of the New Wave and Synth Pop sounds of the '80's.


Grey Fields "Weather the Storm"

Grey Fields have released they latest album, Vesna. Last week, they dropped the album's second single, "Weather the Storm", and had previously released "Every Now and Then and Always"

This is the work of of Alex Dzamtovski (vocals/guitar/keys) Adam Repp (bass/vocals) and John Polischuk (drums).

Dzamtovski had this to say about "'Weather The Storm", "it is a song comprising three sections that flirts with ideas such as the hero's journey, The Myth of Sisyphus and most importantly fortitude in the face of struggle."



Indie Rock duo Orisun recently released their debut EP, "This is Orisun". Several months ago they dropped their first single, "Five Years", and it's accompanying Oliv Roe animated video.

This is the work of Kai Black (Drummer/Multi-instrumentalist) and Asha Adisa (Vocalist/Songwriter).