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Bees Deluxe
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Grumpy's Pub
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Plague Dad evokes the spirit of New England in dual-single release "Sanitized For Your Protection"

As many of our readers will have noticed, the music of New England and the area itself is home to me. That folk/Americana tradition that fills pubs and café’s from New Haven to Bangor may seem as dim today as the rest of the world, but it will brighten up once again as its acoustic guitar strings will ring, and voices shall chant merrily. I know this because there are artists out there like Maine’s Plague Dad who surface seemingly out of nowhere and carry on that tradition regardless of the times. Through his dual-single release, Sanitized For Your Protection, which includes the tracks “Plague Song” and “Rust,” this artist is embracing a folk spirit vibrant. Strummed strings seem to trot out a rhythm that accompanied by a relaxed vocal melody, evokes nature, humanity, and their complicated relationship—New England’s calling card. This post is my final one for Deli New England, but what a ride it has been and what a pleasure to discover artists from a place so dear to me. See you soon, New England! - René Cobar


The Sheila Divine creates a sweet atmosphere in new single "The Lighthouse"

The Sheila Divine pours heavy emotion into its new track titled “The Lighthouse,” and that is not surprising at all if you know the group. The band’s brand of indie rock is atmospheric: burbling basslines, sturdy drumbeats, and vocals distant that are glazed with emocore energy create a sonic world easy to live in and appreciate. The band allows its sound to carry and linger, offering the listener valuable time to soak in the message, the pain, or the realization of something liberating. The recent release by The Sheila Divine is something soothing and much welcomed; stream “The Lighthouse” below for music meant for reflection. - René Cobar


Idle Pilot flies high in new single "Blind Initiation"

Idle Pilot soars above the rest, the Boston group’s eruptive sound is unapologetic and displays sharp edges that drip the same focused-aggressive emotions that bands like Foo Fighters fire off so well. Adding a touch of math rock to the mix, the group has us excited for the release of its upcoming record Balancing Act, set for September 9th. The first single for the new record is titled “Blind Initiation,” and its breakdowns contain twist and turns both jagged and infectious: the guitar riffs are sick, the drums explosive, and the vocals haunting and rich in post-hardcore devilishness. Stream the new single below for a real power-up. - René Cobar